New: Video – Ikonographia ranunculi – Overtone-part from ‚use as is‘

Overtone singing in contemporary theatre: Here you see an excerpt of the full lenght evening performance: ‚use as is‘. The overtone-part, named ‚Ikonographia ranunculi‘ is dedicated to frogs…because…Caution: the singer grows frog legs while singing overtones…so this technique has all sorts of surprising possibilities.. ahem…effects…!
More scenes of the program here
More clips of Natascha´s Concerts & Music Theatre Performances in her youtube-channel

New: 2 Videos – EXPO for 3 – Final Rehearsal and Premiere

EXPO for 3 – Karlheinz Stockhausen
Musicians: Michael Vetter / Voice, Recorder – Natascha Nikeprelevic / Voice, Megaphone
F.X.Randomiz / Electronics.
Excerpts of the final rehearsal, Section 7-8, Eventnumbers 46-56
Stockhausen Courses Kürten, Aug. 2013

EXPO for 3 Premiere – Karlheinz Stockhausen
Excerpts of the world-premiere, Stockhausen Courses Kürten, Aug. 2013

FU ACUNE – Natascha Nike // Voice – F.X.Randomiz // Electronics
Excerpts of the Live-Performance, Strom Festival Cologne, Sept. 2013

VICINITY – Musictheatre for Solo Voice.
Excerpts of the Live-Performance, University of Cologne, Jan. 2011
Voice, Composition & Choreographie: Natascha Nikeprelevic

Threadline (Nach Strich und Faden) – Music Theater for Double Bass and Voice.
Excerpts of the Live-Performance, Citytheater Moers, Nov. 2011
Double Bass: Achim Tang
Voice, Composition & Choreography: Natascha Nikeprelevic

Overtone Aria
Excerpt of the Live-Performance
Comments on youtube:
„A musical delicacy for all lovers of overtone acappela music: natascha is a real master – a queen – not only at this discipline!“

VICINITY – Music theatre on closeness and distance for solo voice
Excerpt of the Live-Performance in March 2011 at Kule Theatre Berlin

TREEPHONY – Music Theatre for voice and rustling leaves
Premiere, october 2010 – deep in the forest – Bochum (Germany)

twentyfive minutes on line
(September 2010, BBK – Bundesverband Bildender Künstler, Cologne)
Space performance on white line, for cloth, rope and hairdrier
with voice and movement in Dan Dryers Installation „Runway „.
In case Natasha interprets the line in the space as a synonym for
the length of a lifetime, it challenges her to explore and enjoy the performance
more intensely than ever!

Songs of Stone – Music for voice and Sound-Stones (June 2010)
This summer Natascha Nikeprelevic started to perform this summer
her cycle „Songs of Stone“ for solo voice and sound stones. These stone-sculptures
were made by the artist Elmar Daucher
between 1974 to 1989. His sound stones are polished cubes and steles weighing several tons.
This, in certain rhythms sawed pieces can be made to sound by touching, hitting or rubbing
with the hand. Since 2005 Natascha works with Dauchers sculptures; the concert programm
„Labyrinth“ for two voices and sound stones (Duo Transverbal) was broadcasted
by German Public Radio Berlin.

Music for voice a capella and the props found in the space
(here: chair, radiator and ladder). KuLe Theatre, Berlin (April, 2010).
An evening about love – The love, above all, in the experience of itself in NOW.
Natascha uses this as an impulse for every movement and every voice statement –
also in dialogue with the peculiarities and specific features of a space.

allEin at Teatro Potlach, Italy (Sep. 2009)
Music theatre for voice a cappella
Comments on youtube:
„An instant classic if you ask me!“ – „I think Natascha is one
of the most interesting artist in this kind of research!“
„In this performance I detect “all in one” her skills of dramatic art –
voice, dance, whole body movements and her specific language of hands –
her diversity of expression is amazing, starting with shadow play and developing
a presentation of her real beautiful person once in meditation or
on extroverted provocations.”

Recital for voice and tambura (Munich, Dec. 2009)
The program of RECITAL ist to unfold the voice with overtone singing
and to cross the borders of the harmonious context and the „corset“ of the Tambura-sound.

allEin at University of Arts Taipei, Taiwan (June 2009)
Natascha Nikeprelevic, an exceptionally fine overtone singer and performer,
performed her overtone classic. This 3-minute excerpt does not include overtone singing,
but does reveal the music and movement flow of a fine performer.
(Prof. Chung Mingder, TNUA, Theatre Department)
Comments on youtube:
„beautiful. bold. inventive. I would like to know the story behind this performance.“


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