Natascha Nikeprelevic  – Stimme & F.X.Randomiz – Elektronik

frqgINVERT realizes audio-visual art in various contexts such as exhibitions, features, film, radio plays, music theater. Their storytelling is vertically instead of linearly. Within a specific field of experimentation, they do not research on the horizontal surface, but immerse their artistic expression in the vertical. They don’t move „forward“, but vertically inward. They analyze the conditions of spaces, texts, forms, rhythms in small parts and dissect and extract their structures down to their essence, basis, soul. They uncover this soul, turning the inside out with a poetic outcome, mixing and flavoring it with particles that were previously foreign, so that new forms, sounds, colors and characteristics emerge from it and it also takes on a new horizontal shape in the microspectrum of the vertical. INVERT creates a hitherto unheard condensate of language without semantics, of noise without effect, of sound without cliché, of voice beyond singing, of electronics without technoid mechanisms.


> Video: arritmia

Sound-Art-Produktion: arritmia: continuum for a solo vocalist in a vertical beatscape. arritmia is a 55 minutes music production for voice, noise, overtone singing, piano, organ, synthesizer and electronic sounds. It is the 3rd part of the trilogy: Introspection (2020-2022) by & with Natascha Nikeprelevic (INVERT).

Produktion (2022) // Gefördert durch den Musikfonds.


> Video-Teaser: Breath_In_Out

Breath_In_Out. Sound-Art-Production by & with Natascha Nikeprelevic (INVERT). Video-Teaser (German language. Full length: 45 minutes). I used my natural voice without any technical manipulation – as I am known to do. „Breath_In_Out“ is the second part of a trilogy I designed entitled: INNENSCHAU, (Introspection) which deals with the pandemic. The pandemic is characterized by fear. From the fear of falling ill, of not being able to breathe properly, of suffocating, of dying. The pandemic triggers the fear of death and puts the focus of our emotions and thoughts on our ability to breathe. Therefore, I reduced the essence of the piece to the elementary aspect of breathing or the process of breathing. So the protagonists of „Breath_In_Out“ are the moment of inhaling and exhaling. Both are processes in our body to which we generally pay almost no special attention. That’s a good thing, because breathing works best without our conscious intervention. „Breath In_Out“ describes the mechanical, physical and emotional process of breathing. The boundaries of breath noise, sound and song merge synesthetically with the electro-acoustic sounds. We become aware that all life begins and ends in the breath. The breath is the silent servant of our vitality. For those who don’t speak German: here an excerpt of the lyrics (Natascha Nikeprelevic, 2021/2): You breathe, we breathe. You breathe, he breathes, she breathes. He is breathing. We breathe. She breathes, we breathe, you breathe. You breathe, I breathe. We breathe. We breathe. We breathe, we breathe. We breathe. We breathe. We breathe, we breathe. We breathe! To breathe. Breath. We breathe. Breath.To breathe. Breath.


> New album // Invert Sound Lab: > Hör-Spiele < for two players

Composition by Michael Vetter (1977, Universal Edition Wien). Interpreters: Natascha Nikeprelevic: voice, recorder – F.X.Randomiz: electronics

Produktion (2021) // sponsored by Musikfonds.


> Sound-Art: Atem.Puls <  

WDR 3 Studio Akustische Kunst

Audio-Excerpt: „Atem.Puls“. Part 1 of the Trilogy „Introspection“. Produktion 2021: WDR 3 open sound (47 Minutes).


> Interview: Natascha Nikeprelevic & F.X.Randomiz  WDRadio Cologne:

Phonemonal (2016):



Exhibition Sound-Art:  PHONEMONAL

Eine phonizistische Phonorgie –
Vom Un-Sinn einer Klangsprache und deren visueller Verlautbarung.

poster phonemonal 1.5.akt.neu.small


Natascha Nikeprelevic – Raum-Installation // F.X.Randomiz – Sound-Installation
Guest of Honour: Michael Vetter

Im Mai 2013 realisierte Natascha Nikeprelevic ein gross angelegtes Projekt als Synthese zwischen Raum und Musik in der Ausstellungshalle des BBK in Köln. Zwei Wochen war sie dort, gemeinsam mit F.X.Randomiz als Artist in Residenz mit: “< Phonemonal > Raum für Sinnfreiheit – Vom Un-Sinn einer Klangsprache und deren visueller Verlautbarung“ anzutreffen. Über die ganze Dauer der Ausstellung war eine Mehrkanal-Klanginstallation von F.X. Randomiz, zu hören, der die Stimme der Vokalistin in seine elektronischen Sound-Gebilde einband. Mehrere Live-Konzerte erweiterten die visuelle Raumgestaltung in ein intermediales Happening. 

Phonemonal Ausstellung Nikeprelevic


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