Natascha Nikeprelevic and Michael Vetter are known for connecting harmonics with an intensely physical language of spontaneous musical communication for the purpose of a post modern synthesis. For many people the union of „the simply beautiful“ and „the truly unheard“ yields a surprising new access to that wich may be called music today.

New: 2 Videos – EXPO for 3 – Final Rehearsal and Premiere

EXPO for 3 – Karlheinz Stockhausen
Musicians: Michael Vetter / Voice, Recorder – Natascha Nikeprelevic / Voice, Megaphone
F.X.Randomiz / Electronics.
Excerpts of the final rehearsal, Section 7-8, Eventnumbers 46-56
Stockhausen Courses Kürten, Aug. 2013

EXPO for 3 Premiere – Karlheinz Stockhausen
Excerpts of the world-premiere, Stockhausen Courses Kürten, Aug. 2013

POLES for 2 (Stockhausen) at Tonhalle Zürich, Suisse (Oct. 2008)
„POLES for 2“ demands a kind of dialogue which assumes that there are polar opposite positions. In consequece the interpreters have to get involved into musical extremes to really explore accustically the whole range of their existence. In so far as everything occurs structurally in a musical sense, there is no „right“ and „wrong“, but only „plus“ and „minus“. And in fact the notation of the piece consists, primarily, of plus signs and minus signs, wich have to be operated in any combination and sequence on all parametres“ (Michael Vetter)

Zen-Musik –Scene 3: Moon and Nightingale at Kreuzkirche Bonn (February 2007)
Duet for voice and recorder
Natascha Nikeprelevic and Michael Vetter are considered masters of improvisation and can be heard as an artist duo for more than 10 years with their archaic-experimental music – „moon and nightingale“ points once again what can be a musical dialogue.

Okyo at Kreuzkirche Bonn (Februar 2007)
They are virtuoso at overtone singing. With their program „Okyo“ they show the sound dimensions between phonetic and instrumental overtone aspects.

No Noh at Kreuzkirche Bonn (February 2007)
The Vocal-Duet derive inspiration in their program „No Noh“ on the one hand from contemporary new music, on the other hand, from the music and the theatrical art of Japan. The newspaper Neue Züricher Zeitung called their art „at the same time neodadaistic and Far Eastern inclined“.


Repertoire – Concert Programs

2008 Canti armonici – Overtone dialogues with Tambura
Première: May 2008, Residenzkirche, Munich
POLES for 2 (K. Stockhausen) – Musical Theatre in seven scenes for voices, recorder, signal-instruments and shortwave-receivers
Première: Oct. 2008, Musique au Chateaux, Autigny, Suisse
Dialogues between Europe, India und Japan
Première: Dec. 2008, Völkerkunde Museum, Munich
2007 At the periphery of J. S. Bach I – Dialogues of experimental vocal music with the solo sonatas and partitas of Bach for violin, interpreted on recorder.
Première: May 2007, National Hospital, Seoul
Okyo II – phonetical prayer for two overtone voices
Première: Nov. 2005, University of the Arts Taipei, Taiwan
Quint-Essence – Overtone dialogues in quint intervall
Première: May 2007, Goethe Institute Osaka, Japan
2006 Duetto Vocale – Music of the moment for voices, noises, singing bowls and gong
Première: Feb. 2006, St. Elisabethkirche, Bonn
2005 Labyrinth, Drama, Requiem, Rain Song, Okyo III – Music for voices and sond-stones
Premiére of the cycle: Oct. 2005, Atelier Elmar Daucher, Ulm
No Noh
Première: May 2005, Bai-O-In Temple, Tottori, Japan
Okyo II – phonetical prayer for two overtone voices
Première: Nov. 2005, University of the Arts Taipei, Taiwan
Speaking Islands Singing Oceans
Première: Dec. 2005, University of the Arts Taipei, Taiwan
2004 Shamanic Music
Première: Nov. 2004, Dreikönigskirche Frankfurt Main
2003 Open Secrets II
Première: Sept. 2003, Kongresshaus Würzburg
2002 Zen-Music – Six szenes for voices and instruments
Première: April 2002, Stiftskirche, Baden-Baden
2000 Faust III – Music Theatre for childrens choir
Première: June 2000, Expo 2000, Hannover
Canti dolci e secchi – Overtones and „spoken music“ in harshly exchange
Première: May 2000, Domforum, Cologne
1999 White Line on White Ground – Theatre for two voices, dancing brush and vivid canvas
Première: June 1999, Jooksan Arts Festival, Korea
1998 Coast kiss Coast – Transverbal Theatre about vicinity and distance
Première: 1998, Per>son Festival, College for Media, Cologne
Première: April 1998, St. Elisabeth, Darmstadt
Michaelion (from Light), K. Stockhausen
Première: June 1998, Prinzregententheater München
1997 Missa Dialogica
Première: Dec. 1997, Abtei S. Ludgerus, Essen-Werden

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