Natascha Nikeprelevic (Stimme)
F.X.Randomiz (Elektronik)

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»Nowadays, in the era of retro mania in music, one wouldn’t necessarily expect innovation anymore, as long as vintage styles become reprocessed and the enjoyment of references gets artfully organized. FU ACUNE don’t play along this game. Their music fuses pop and contemporary music, dance and avantgarde, improvisation and song formats to a yet unheard synthesis. The spectrum of Natascha Nike’s voice reaches from bizarre sounds to elegiac overtone singing and beyond, here accompanied, conroured and rhythmically expanded by F.X.Randomiz’ electronic devices. With numerous projects (including Holosud, The Allophons) and as a solo artist (A-Musik, Sonig) F.X.Randomiz has been since the 90s one of the most advanced representatives of electronic music from Cologne.
Natascha Nike is considered the most interesting vocal soloist; as a composer-performer and interpreter of Stockhausen she ranges between the edges of new music theatre and improvisation.
Together they form FU ACUNE, who ensure that the electronic pop avant-garde in London, Berlin, New York or Tokyo jealously throw a glance at Cologne tonight…« Olaf Karnik, Musicjournalist




Natascha Nikeprelevic / fu acune  zu Gast bei Deutschland Radio Köln.

Im Interview spricht sie über ihr neues Duo FU ACUNE und ihre Zusammenarbeit mit dem Elektronik-Musiker F.X.Randomiz.


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Video Teaser

Fu Acune live at Strom Festival // Kunsthaus Rhenania Cologne

FU ACUNE  –  The recipe:
Take meaning-emancipated, wordless texture and POPable melodies with broken beats. But: Caution: Do not stir.



Video: mhmmhm

Hybrid Sound meets experimental voice and overtone singing.





monkey_54466e10ca34f5.66657296HAU 21 – Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin








Debut Concert

Exhibition Phonemonal // BBK Cologne, Stapelhaus 

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Bildschirmfoto 2013-04-16 um 12.48.59




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