SUBWAY for voice and koto
(composition, voice, koto & photographs by Natascha Nikeprelevic)

During her Japan concert-tour Natascha spent a month in Kyoto. Besides visiting shrines and temples she learned to play the japanese koto harp.
For her the sound of koto is a symbol of solitude, harsh beauty, concentrative force … . Natascha saw these aspects and the typical japanese „being within himself“ mirrored in the faces
of passengers in subways around Kyoto.
Throughout her daily trips this visual music was born.

SUBAQUEOUS (August 2010) – Music for voice and synthesizer.
Voice & Synthesizer: Natascha Nikeprelevic.

Excerpt of a piece for goldfish, voice and synthesizer. Goldfish hears nearly in the same frequency response like people. Sound waves are caught by the swimming bubble and are escorted about the Weberschen apparatus to the inner ear. Responses from a blind goldfish proved that it recognized one particular person by voice, or vibration of sound. This piece is dedicated to the goldfish of the pond at University of the Arts Taipei.

Alice in Wonderland (April 2010)

Exerpt of the Sound Opera for voice and synthesizer (Duration: 50 minutes).
Voice: Natascha Nikeprelevic – Synthesizer: Andreas Wagner – April 2010.
This soundwork is an adaptation to the novel “ Alice in the fairyland “ and describes the journey of the human natural voice to the wonderland of synthetic sounds. Associative and sober-tonal soundsculptures meet each other in dialogue.

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