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Sound Excerpts


Recital (October 2010)
for voice and tambura.
Liverecording of a concert at Pfarrkirche Dornach.
Duration: 57 minutes


Labyrinth (2005)
Broadcasting production of DeutschlandRadio Berlin, 2007
Duration: 47 Minutes
The composer Michael Vetter gave with the Vocalist Natascha Nikeprelevic a Cycle of Concerts at the Atelier of the sculptor Elmar Daucher. The stones are polished cubes and steles weighing several tons. This, in certain rhythms sawed pieces can be made to sound by touching, hitting or rubbing with the hand. In the composition „Labyrinth“ the polytonality of the Sound Stone corresponds with the overtone singing of the two Interpreters.

At the periphery of J.S. Bach

At the periphery of J.S. Bach (2009)
Broadcasting production of DeutschlandRadio Berlin
Director: Götz Naleppa
Duration: 55 Minuten.
Approaches with voice-improvisations to Bach’s solo sonatas and partitas for violin, interpreted on the recorder.
NoNoh – nearly an atonal opera scene for 2 voices, echo instruments and hand drum
J.S. Bach – Grave (from Sonata II BWV1003)
Moon and nightingale – lyrical-dramatic prayer for soprano and recorder with speech voice

Panels of Law

Panels of Law (1999)
Broadcasting production of DeutschlandRadio Berlin
Director: Götz Naleppa
Duration: 55 Minuten
„Panels of Law“ is a piece for two voices and instruments. In the centre stand ten wide pictures of Michael Vetter, his painted „Panels of Law“ which hang in the „hall of the law“ on Monte Amiata in his privately academy of music, painting, and theatre. They are a fanciful alternative concept to all known laws, because they remit no regulations, but come true only in the discussion with each other. Michael Vetter and Natascha Nikeprelevic transfer these laws in her interpretation from visual into the acoustic medium. (Götz Naleppa)

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