CD Release // ‚Poles for 2‘ (K. Stockhausen)

Label: Stockhausen Verlag. // Release: 1.2.2013
Stockhausen Edition no. 103 // 7 Tracks
Duration: 74:30
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Composition
Natascha Nikeprelevic: voice, short-wave receiver, harmonica
Michael Vetter: voice, short-wave receiver, recorder, harmonica
Kathinka Pasveer: sound engineering

„Dear Natasha, dear Michael – on Sunday I listened to your recording of POLES: I’m speechless
with enthusiasm! Unbelievable! You are unique in the history of music: what kind of music!
What a technique! What a creative intelligence. Thanks for the musical gift that enriches and inspires me unutterably as a musician.“
(Suzanne Stephens, Stockhausen Foundation for Music).

As the world’s first duo Michael Vetter and Natascha Nikeprelevic realized in October 2008 at the Zurich Tonhalle the premiere of „POLES for 2“ for voices and shortwave radios of composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Forty years after the origins of the composition the duo ventured the 75-minute overall performance. In „POLES“ composition and improvisation in programmatic interaction mesh and live recordings from the radio must be integrated and transformed.
The CD no. 103 provides a live recording without cuts and corrections. A booklet with texts of the two musicians gives an insight in the work process. The print of the score including Vetters slightest detail parameter assignments of the 213 events one allows an accurate reading with the score.

> CD-Review:
Yin und Yang in der Oper (german only)
magical journey into the unknow (english only)
> Video: POLE (Tonhalle Zürich)
> Audio Samples:
score-event 102-105
score-event 169-133
score-event 128-177
> listen to full album

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